Running Insurance - Covering yourself for your long-distance endeavours

Millions of people run in marathons in the UK each year, and many millions more take part in marathons abroad such as the Boston or New York marathons, but how often do you think people bother to take out an insurance policy to cover themselves for this strenuous task that will tax their body for months on end? Very few is the answer, but surely getting running insurance is a step too far for most casual runners, isn't it? Well, it all depends on your circumstances, but with so many variables to consider it may be a little overwhelming for the unfamiliar to take in: this is a short article about running insurance that hopes to shed a little light on the whole idea.

Running Insurance - What Is It?

Firstly, it may sound quite ridiculous to many that running insurance is even a concept that is entertained my most insurance companies. It sounds a little less ridiculous when you think that some celebrities and even non-famous people get vital body parts covered: models get their legs and best features insured, and sportsmen and sportswomen often take out insurance for various body parts that are most vital to their skills and career. With this in mind, it seems a little silly not to consider taking our running insurance considering how strenuous the training for and running of a marathon can be on the body.

But what exactly is running insurance? A quick Google search yields very few results but digging deeper into the internet will yield more promising returns like the guide by Running insurance takes the most common form of being included under specialist travel insurance policies, particularly from companies that specialise in extreme sports. Running insurance is basically insurance that will cover costs if you happen to be injured during your marathon running. Though many people think it will never happen to them, there are always staggering numbers of people each year in the London Marathon (this story in The Telegraph tells of runners that were even urged to get runners insurance) that don't even manage to finish the race because injury.

Running insurance isn't as ridiculous as it may sound to some people. It doesn't mean that you're going to be reimbursed for loss of earnings for years to come, but rather is designed to cover medical expenses related to injuries sustained during the event that you were insured for.

Won't the NHS Do?

Many people won't see the point of running insurance because, in the UK at least, we have the wonderful and often unfairly-slated NHS. Though the National Health Service does a fine job of providing medical assistance for millions of people in the UK every single day, the kind of physical therapy and treatment needed for injured runners won't necessarily be available straight away and many will then be forced to turn to private rehabilitation specialists that can cost a substantial amount of money. That is if you don't have insurance, however: if you're covered, then you can be reassured that your treatment will be swift and won't cost you nearly as much.

Do I Need Running Insurance?

It would be silly to advise every single person in each marathon in the UK to get running insurance. People are at different levels of risk for injuries whilst some people aren't running the race competitively and can therefore take it easy throughout. The kind of people that would benefit from running insurance however are those that have previously been injured or have trouble with recurring/chronic injuries that keep returning. Also, it almost goes without saying that those planning on running marathons abroad should always go for a travel insurance policy that covers running in the small print.

So those that would benefit most from running insurance are the more competitive runners out there at higher levels of fitness, but if you feel that you may very well be at risk of developing a new injury or aggravating a previous one, then it may be prudent to check out some running insurance companies.

Prominent Running Insure Companies - This company is one of the few out there that offers specialist marathon running travel insurance. Their website is professional, easy to use, and you can get a quote on the spot by simply entering a few details. They will cover both domestic and foreign running events which is good for those looking to enter things like the Berlin Marathon. offers travel insurance with clauses that ensure you are covered in the event of you taking part in extreme sports and/or marathon running. You can take out single trip, annual trip, wintersports, backpackers, and even over 65s travel insurance making this company a versatile one. - Another specialised insurer for those looking to do some extreme sports. Even their lowest level of cover will make sure you're insured for running events, so this website is definitely worth checking out.

Remember, there's always the comparison sites as well. Businesses like Moneysupermarket and all offer travel insurance at customisable degrees of cover, allowing you to be in charge of and properly confirm the specifics that you want to be covered for. Don't forget the direct insurers you can access - direct insurers click here.